It's time to get real!

3DKids utilizes powerful, state-of-the-art non-technology—

pencils, paper, rulers, scissors, thread, fabric and sewing machines—to "plug in" to

the most advanced creative tool ever developed. Imagination.

We facilitate real, hands-on creative experiences as we guide young innovators

through our "3D" process—dreaming, designing and finally, doing.

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Our fledgling fashionistas, designers and makers learn valuable real-world skills,

like cutting, measuring, making and using patterns, hand & machine sewing, construction

and embellishing techniques. Even more importantly, they learn the sense of empowerment

that comes from turning their idea from a piece of paper into a

real-life 3D creation they'll proudly carry home.


3DKids will observe all current Covid safety protocols. We look forward to a safe and creative 2023!